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Marley (SPX) Brand Cooling Tower Parts
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Product Details

Full range of Marley brand cooling tower original & OEM replacement parts are available.

MX / MBX Cross Flow Film Fill:

1. A hanging film type cooling tower fill spreads the water into a thin film, flowing over large vertical surfaces, promoting maximum exposure to air flow.
2. Incorporates highly efficient cellular drift eliminators, integrally molded within the fill sheets .
3.Louvers are also integrally molded within the fill sheets preventing water from escaping and assuring precise air distribution throughout wide variations in airflow.
4. Thermoformed from PVC with a flame spread rating and considered self extinguishing .

Counter Flow Film Fill

  a). MC75 

  1. Crossed corrugations provide the surface area and turbulence to develop efficient heat  transfer. The corrugations inherently establish uniform fill sheet spacing at 0.75”.
  2. Thermoformed from.015 thick, UV inhibited , chemically-resistant PVC.
  3.The fill pack depth is variable to provide the proper heat transfer area within a single fill layer.

  b). MC120S 
  1. high performance film fill system designed for factory-assembled counterflow towers where 12” air travel height and a 1/2” offset in length.
  2.Textured crossed corrugations provide the surface area and turbulence to develop efficient heat transfer. 
  3.Log packs are nominally 12”in air travel height and 12” deep. Normal pack length is 72”.


  c). FB20

 The surface microstructure facilitates air/water mixing and increases the surface cooling area. The 
 offset vertical flutes provide directional changes in air and water flow to increase cooling and  promote thermal efficiency while substantially reducing the occurrence of fouling.

Drift Eliminator
1.Low drift rate is the primary goal of eliminator design, typical drift rates of .001% of the total gpm.
2.For loose deposits of silt , fibers, etc ,a water spray can be used, provided the spray nozzle is kept moving continually and the water pressure is not excessive(less than 30 psi)

Water Distribution

 A) Spiral-Target 

1.The orifice cap is available in 13 diameters ranging from .362 through 1.099.

2.The 2.625 nozzle is used on wood , steel ,and fiberglass cooling towers where basin support structure doesn’t obstruct the release of water. The 4.875 nozzle is used on larger industrial wood and concrete cooling towers and on applications where clogging might be a concern.


 B) NS5 
1.The orifice sizes 1”-3 1/2”
2.“Full cone”distribution pattern assures uniform water distribution for all film fills.

Make-up Water Float Valves
1.Valves are include valve, float arm and float
2.When installed some trial and error adjustment of the float valve may be required to balance the makeup water with tower operation .Ideally, the float valve setting will be such that no water is wasted through the overflow at pump shutdown . However, the water level after pump start-up must be deep enough to assure positive pump suction.



a) Single Reduction

1. Making the most reliable geared speed reducers - designed specifically for cooling tower service.
2. Made several improvements in the System 5 Geareducer to take advantage of the extraordinary lubricating properties of Gearlube.


b) Double Reduction
It must provide primary support for the fan - withstand the shock loads imposed at start - up and during subsequent speed changes - anchor the fan against lateral movement in response to rotational forces - and contribute as little as possible to power transmission losses as well as the generation of noise.


Driveshaft - Flex Coupling
1.Low Maintenance - Ease of Installation - The full -floating design has no intermediate couplings or bearings.
2.Lightweight - permanently bonded ,tube and flange assembly is easily handled by technicians without the need for lifting equipment.
3.Modern Construction - Robust composite design is comprised of high strength fiberglass and/or carbon.

Driveshaft - Flex Bushing 

1.The driveshaft transmits power from the output shaft of the motor to the input shaft of the Geareducer.
2.Described as “floating” shafts, equipped with flexible couplings at both ends.


Couplings consist of two cast ductile - iron, electro-galvanized hubs and clamp rings with stainless steel fasteners . The coupling has outstanding vibration dampening characteristics. The shock load cushioning is ideal for variable frequency drive applications and has a high degree of flexibility to accommodate misalignment.


Vibration Switch

 Designed to meet all requirements for mechanical switches in a single, affordable package. This unit provides  economical vibration protection for cooling tower mechanical equipment. 
 The contacts can be used to activate an alarm or initiate equipment shutdown. The housing is weatherproof  with an optional hazardous area rating.



Motor, Fan and Belt Reducer System

100% Original or replacement Fan blades are available, and 100% original belt reducer and motor, ect. For more belt reducer information, please visit Belt Reducer Center


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