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BAC Brand Cooling Tower Parts
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Product Details

Full range of BAC brand cooling towers original & OEM replacement parts are available.

BACross Replacement Fill KitsBAC cross flow replacement fills kits

1.For FXF , Series 1500, Series 3000, FXV , CXVB , and CXVT Units
2.Maintains thermal performance as originally certified by CTI
3.Available in standard PVC for normal temperature applications or CPVC for high temperature applications
4.Block fill isn’t recommended for use in BAC’s crossflow cooling procucts and may decrease the thermal capacity of the unit by 10%

BACount R Replacement Fill KitsBAC counter flow replacement fill kits

1.For Series V Counterflow Products
2.Maintains the thermal performance as originally certified by CTI
3.Available in standard PVC or CPVC for high temperature applications
4.Maintain 3/4” spacing to minimize fouling

BAC PakTM Replacement Fill KitsBAC Pak replacement fill kits

1.For PT2 Counterflow Products
2.For use in counterflow and induced draft counterflow cooling towers
3.Pre – engineered kits to fit specific counterflow , and induced draft counterflow cooling towers
4.All hardware and supports included
5.Available in standard PVC or HPVC for high temperature applications

Drift Eliminators

1.Engineered for maximum performance and corrosion resistance
2.Available in PVC, thermosetting hybrid polyhmer, galvanized or stainless steel construction
Complete kits available 
3.Helps conserve water

Water Distribution Nozzles

1.BAC 360TM Spray Nozzle , A ,AA, and Pyramid Nozzles are grommeted for easy inspection and removal

2.XF nozzles are gravity flow
3.Kits are available to install 360TM Spray Nozzles in other manufacturers coil products
Patented design for pressurized or gravity – feed systems guarantees optimum thermal performance
4.Large orifice means non-clogging performance for effective witting of the heat – transfer surface
5.Availability:1/4” THROUGH 1 1/8 “ orifice for  properly metered flow

Water Distribution Nozzles

Centrifugal Fans

BAC centrifugal fans
1.Low sound
2.Maintain thermal performance as originally certified by CTI
3.Complete installation kit includes hardware , adhesive , and clamps
4.Availability: available in 15” ,18” ,22” ,and 30” diameters for shafts 1-3/16” to 5”in diameter.

Axial Fans

1.Standard fan is high – efficiency and low sound
2.Rugged,aluminum construction for corrosion resistance and extended life
3.Reduced sound levels, Low Sound Fans, Whisper Quiet Fans, and sound attenuation are available.BAC axial fans
4.Maintain thermal performance as originally certified by CTI
5.Most fan kits include bushing and special length bolts
6.Available in sizes from 24” to 156” diameter , 4 blades to 12 blades to 12 blades for economical and quiet operation.

Whisper Quiet Fans

1.Available for Series 3000,1500 ,PT2, Single Air Inlet FXV, and CXVB units.
2.Reduces sound levels generated from the u nit with minimal impact on thermal performance.BAC Whisper Quiet Fans

Cast Iron Bushings and Sheaves

1.Minimum 2.0 service factor
2.Fine – grain, high – strength cast iron 
3.Bushing design minimizes fretting corrosion on the shaft
4.Availability:Bushing styles for all standard drive components from 1” to 2 15/16” diameter .Cast iron sheaves for all drive combinations , 1 to 8 grooves

Aluminum Sheaves

1.Use with all induced draft cooling towers
2.Corrosion resistant aluminum alloy for operation in the moist cooling tower environment
3.Less corrosion means less wear on sheave grooves and extended belt life
4.Available for both driver and driven shafts
5.Availability: From 2 groove to 8 groove, 3 3/5” to 50” diameter for all induced draft applications

Cast Iron Bushings and Sheaves                     Aluminum Sheaves                 Belts and Powerbands

ENDURADRIVE  Fan System Retrofit Kit

1.Complete kit with matching motor , VFD, fan ,bushing and upgraded 2 beam mechanical support
2.90% reduction in maintenance costs 
3.Up to 10% energy reduction vs standard gear drive system
4.Availability: Horsepower ratings from 20 to 125 horsepower with mounting and shaft dimensions to fit the Series 3000 Cooling Tower

Gear SystemGear Systems

1.Meet AGMA and CTI standards to ensure reliability
2.Constructed of high – strength cast iron for low sound, vibration – free operation
3.Availability: Horsepower rating from 7.5 to 100 horsepower with mounting and shaft dimensions to fit virtually any make of cooling tower


Spray PumpsSpray Pumps

1.Impeller and trims have been selected for difficult high-flow, low-head requirements,assuring complete coil wetting to reduce scale and provide maximum thermal capacity
2.Supplied with vented seal housing to prevent air binding and to provide a sump bleed connection
3.Mechanical seal is constructed with a carbon rotating element and a ceramic stationary element with stainless steel hardware for a long , lead-free life.
4.Availability: High efficiency, high flow/low head pumps 1/3 through 10 horsepower and 1 1/2 “ through 4” discharge
float valves

Float Valves

1.Rubber seal disc assures a positive shut-off to prevent water waste 
2.Reliable stainless steel linkage in all kits
3.Availability: 1/2” to 2” valves for all applications


Float Balls

1.Heavy-duty polypropylene construction resists cracking
2.Foam-filled for structural for structural rigidity and additional buoyancyfloat balls
3.Available in many sizes and configurations to ensure positive shutoff
4.Availability: 4 1/2” to 8” diameter and 10” pancake style for all applications


basin heaters

  Basin Heaters
1.UL and CSA rated
2.Durable copper heating elements for long life
3.2” MPT connection is easy to retrofit into any cooling tower
4.Availability: 2 -24 KW ratings, 50 watts/in 2 watt density 200, 230, 460 ,and 575 volt.

heater controls


Basin Heater Controls

1.UL and CSA rated
2.BAC thermostats and low water cutouts are designed to ensure long life and proper operation
3.Standard heater control panes consists of:
4.Single probe to sense both water temperature and water level
6.24 Volt control circuit transformer
7.NEMA 4 Enclosure
8.UL Listed
9.BAC basin heaters are rated in KW of energy used. To select the proper contactor size for 3 phase heaters, use the following formula: Amp draw = Watts / Volts x 1.732

Damper Controls 
1. Modulates airflow to save energy and maintain close capacity control
2. Pre - engineered system is easy to retrofit into any centrifugal fan unit
3. End switch kits ensure proper operation on multiple shaft units
A modulating capacity control damper system is available for all BAC centrifugal fan   evaporative cooling equipment . They are Used when close control of the leaving fluid temperature is required and/or the unit will operate under varying loads and a variable frequency drive is not an option. Automatic control of the dampers can be achieved by installation of a BAC electric damper control package.Damper Control Package

The damper control package consists of: 
1. Damper actuator(s)      
2. Damper actuator end switch kits     
3. Temperature controller     
4. Voltage transformer.

Float Switch

1.Single – pole, double throw, liquid level float switch
2.Designed to maintain a liquid level in the cold water basin
3.When liquid level rises above or falls below a certain point, the witch will close one circuit and open a second

Vibration Cutout Switches

1.Protect your tower from damage resulting from excessive vibration
2.Mechanical or electronic switches are available with multiple options for alarms and reset
Electronic switches are compatible with building management systems
Float Switch                                           Vibration Cutout Switch
                     Float Switch                                                                                  Vibration Cutout Switch

Replacement Coils

Replacement Coils

1.Industrial grade construction, ASME B 31.5 compliant
2.Standard patented serpentine coils are 16 gauge and HDGAF , minimizing scale and fouling potential
3.Materials of construction provide compatibility with virtually any refrigeration, air conditioning, or process fluid system
4.CRN coils available for Canadian installations
5.ASME”U” construction when conditions require pressure vessel compliance
6.Extended surface finned coils for plume reduction and water savings
7.Cleanable tubes or cleanable headers for dirty fluid application
8.Stainless Steel coils
9.14 gauge coils are also available




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